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About Us


Andy's first foray into the world of catering came earlier than most. At 13 years old he took a weekend job as a butcher's boy and continued working in the food service industry throughout his college and university years by taking part time work in pizzarias and gastro pubs.

By 22, he'd earned himself qualifications in marketing and business administration, and had taken steps down a career path as a civil servant. But it wasn't long before he began to miss the hustle and bustle of kitchen life. He took a break from his fledgling career to walk the Camino de Santiago, and work a ski season as a chalet chef. It was during this time he met Cris.

Winters seasons quickly gave way to summers, and Andy traded the Alpine chalets of the Savoie and Tarentaise valleys with beachfront restaurants of the Algarve and the Western Isles, always returning to the mountains in anticipation of the first snowfall. During this time he was honing his skills as a chef, working his way up the kitchen heirachry, learning from his peers and expressing his own creativity. Armed with over a decade of professional kitchen experience, and the unwaivering support of his partner, he set out to start Your Chalet Chef.


Cris has always loved food. She has an artistic passion to create the best possible taste out of the ingredients available to her. She began her deep relationship with food by watching her mother and grandmothers dance around the kitchen with a grace that only comes naturally to those with a Mediterranean intensity coursing through them.

After working in several restaurants in the south of Spain, Cris ventured north to walk the Camino de Santiago. At the end of her journey she decided to volunteer in a hostel, preparing meals for those who travelled through. One evening in the hostel, she found herself working alongside Andy, and noticed how well they complimented each other. Thus began her Alpine adventure.

Since then, she's been working as a chalet chef during the winter months, and in various hospitality roles over each summer. Always affording herself enough time to travel in order to explore new flavours and styles.

When she's not in the kitchen cooking up a storm, you'll often find her with her four-legged companion, Bonnie, the border collie. Cris has recently qualified as a dog behaviourist, and has found her patience, consistency and dedication to be virtues across both disciplines.

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